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The Crystal Springs Men's Golf Club is a semi private club established in 1958. It is directed and managed by a nine -member elected Board of Directors in conjunction with the Management Team at Crystal Springs Golf Club. The Men’s Club operations and activities are governed by the Club's Bylaws and Policies.

The Club's season begins January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.  The mission of the Club is to provide a season-long schedule of golf tournaments - all of which usually have multiple flights.  Typically, 18 home tournaments and several away tournaments will be played on Saturdays, Sundays and some weekdays. Each year we have several “major tournaments" with winner becoming part of perpetual Club trophies displayed at the golf course.  Various individual and team formats, and the use of different tee markers during the year, provide our members with an array of enjoyable golf competitions. 

Additionally, we host Club qualifiers for the four NCGA Regular Club Championships: Zone (Four-man), Four-Ball Net (Two-man), Senior Four-Ball Net (Two-man/Age 55+) and Net Amateur (Individual). 

The Club is transparent in all aspects of Club operations.  The Directors are responsive to member inquiries and have a good working relationship with the Crystal Springs Golf Club management team.  Directors communicate with the membership on a frequent basis through email to ensure all activities and other information are well publicized.

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